Public Health Emergency Plan Writing Workshop: Emergency Communication for Congregations 03/13

NYDIS provides a free 2.5 hour Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications (CERC) writing workshop for congregation decision makers tasked with writing an emergency action plan – the training will be held remotely via an online webinar platform and all necessary materials will be provided.

Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak in New York City, NYDIS will be facilitating this writing workshop in order to better equip religious leaders on how to handle risk communications during a pandemic. Register to learn best practices for how congregation or faith-based organization leaders can share critical information with congregants, staff, and clients immediately after a crisis when lives and safety are at risk! Participants will also learn the components of a risk communication plan.

The workshop is an investment in building the resiliency of your congregation or faith-based organization – therefore, the resilience of New York City as a whole community.

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